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The ultimate platform is here. A platform that is designed to catapult your business into the digital space. 

We have given you the tools to create a website that is fully functional, interactive, and will draw the attention of your potential customers. 

  •  The website builder provides you with predefined areas of importance for any website. All you need to do is update your preferred logo, company name, selected colour or theme and add your company information. 
  • The predefined templates make it easy to select the right look for your business. We have created templates that cover most businesses throughout a variety of industries.  

Taking your business to the public has never been easier. 

The on-demand service industry should not be forgotten during this technological evolution. We have taken our platform to the next level. You can benefit from a broader audience using our platform.

 Most people use the internet to find solutions to their pressing issues at all hours of the day and night. Your website can be used to provide information on the services that you offer and the benefits that your customers can expect to experience.

 Our platform offers the convenience of: 

  •  Booking an appointment with you. 
  • Scheduling a call. 

All directly from your website. 

The partner dashboard offers you complete control over every aspect of your business from one central hub. The ability to understand what is happening in your business at any given moment is invaluable. Whether you are a service, product or voucher-based business, knowledge gives you power. 

  • Stock control  
  • Reporting functions 
  • Customer and reputation management
  • Order tracking 

 Give your business the start it needs to breach the online barrier.


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