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E-commerce is leading the way. Now is the time to climb on board and put your business in the digital space. Why not show others the path to more time, money, and freedom along the way?

  • Do you have a network of entrepreneurs?
  • Are you an influencer/blogger/developer?
  • Do you know businesses struggling with their online presence?

Be a part of the e-commerce evolution, register clients, and earn.

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Sign up as a dealer today and provide budding entrepreneurs, struggling businesses, or those who are trying to claim their space in the digital world with a gateway to success.

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Provide entrepreneurs and businesses with an opportunity to thrive on a platform designed to allow you to achieve success.


Shopespot Dealer is an affiliate program where everybody is a winner.

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Earn while sharing an opportunity for growth and success with like-minded individuals. Reach out to your network and put success within their grasp.

It has never been easier to build an online presence, expand your business and thrive in your chosen industry.

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ShopeSpot Dealer Program

The Shopespot Dealer Program aims to reward those that get their respective audiences/networks to sign up with us. Earn $15 for every paying member that signs up with your unique dealer ID.

Shopespot offers a total e-commerce solution with an easy-to-use interface that makes it effortless to enter a thriving yet competitive world of online sales.

Take advantage of the fastest-growing e-commerce platform today.

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Shopespot is the go-to platform for entrepreneurs, struggling businesses, or those who are battling to stake their claim in the digital world.

We have taken the concept of online business and revolutionised it!

Full integration of all our tools into one closed platform ensures a smooth transition for your business. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to create an environment that eliminates the challenges faced when working with end-users. The result is a platform that allows you to offer your customers a website that excels in the digital space.

  • Web-builder
  • On demand service
  • Payment gateway
  • Delivery partners
  • E-commerce store

This platform has taken the stress out of creating an e-commerce store. Through our advanced technology systems and research, we have designed and implemented a platform that works for you. Now is the time to work smarter rather than harder. We have created an option for more than 80% of physical businesses to take their services or product sales online. Choose a template, change the colours to your preference, add your logo and products, and you are ready to launch your business into an arena that will expand your potential customer base exponentially.

The easy to access tools, simple navigation, and the ability to keep track of your business from one central dashboard saves you time, frustration, and money. The dashboard is your biggest asset. Use your time on the areas of your business where your attention is most needed.

Take full control of your business from one central dashboard:

  • Add, edit or remove products and services
  • Manage stock according to categories, brands and products
  • Manage and change promotional items as often as you would like
  • Track transactions from order to delivery
  • Manage payments
  • Reporting functions
  • Customer relationship management features
  • Email communication

Shopespot is the best e-commerce platform for your business.

With so many benefits, there is no question about it:

  • Access to a larger market
  • NO rental on a brick-and-mortar store
  • Update your product range as often as you would like
  • Payment is easy and immediate
  • Give your shop front a makeover every day
  • The site is so easy and user-friendly that you can do it on your own

The Shopespot Dealer Program is an affiliate program that produces winners all around. As a registered dealer, you have an opportunity to share your success story with potential customers. Offer them the possibility to achieve success as you did. While the reward of giving somebody else in business a chance to flourish may be more than enough, we have added $15 to the mix. The more people you encourage to sign up using your Dealer ID, the more you earn.

Now is the time for every business or entrepreneur to take the challenge and move their store online. Are you ready to grow?

Sign up today as a dealer and share the platform or create your store and achieve your goals.

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